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Veneers are one way to transform the appearance of your teeth without the need to remove much or any of the tooth structure. They can be a great choice if you have discoloured, stained, broken or chipped teeth, teeth with gaps, or you wish to improve the shape of your teeth.

A veneer is an ultra-thin tooth coloured porcelain, ceramic or composite resin layer which is bonded to the front of your tooth. Your teeth and gums need to be in good condition for veneers to be applied, and they may not be suitable if you grind or clench your teeth.

It is important to have a consultation with your dentist to discuss the different types of veneers, what to expect during the dental visits and the benefits and negatives with having veneers fitted, this will help you make an informed decision about your future smile.


Teeth whitening is a popular, non-invasive way to improve the appearance of discoloured teeth and brighten your smile.

There are many over the counter options available, varying in price, ease of use and effectiveness but we highly recommend you consult with your dentist. Our dentist will assess the health of your mouth and customise the most effective, efficient and safest method suitable for you in order to achieve the best results possible.

At John Cropley Dentistry we offer our patients both in chair teeth whitening and the convenience of custom made take home kits.


Teeth Straightening:

John Cropley Dentistry is proud to be a provider of the innovative, patented straightening system Fastbraces®.

Traditionally braces move the crown of the tooth in the first year and the root of the tooth in the second year. Fastbraces® technology helps correct the position by moving the crown and root of the teeth at the same time, moving them efficiently and effectively– using a unique wire, patented triangular design brackets and cutting edge techniques. This can result in reduced discomfort, reduced cost and a shorter period of time wearing braces.

Fastbraces® is however not suitable for everyone. A thorough assessment is completed by Dr Cropley prior to commencing to determine if this treatment is appropriate for you.

We refer complex cases to local trusted Orthodontic Specialists.

Teeth Whitening Kit

Patients Teeth Before & After Teeth Whitening


We gladly accept all health funds and process claims straightaway via HICAPS.

All accounts must be settled on the day of service, unless otherwise stated by our staff.

We accept payments by cash, EFTPOS, PAYWAVE, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), Visa debit and cheque.


We participate in government schemes such as Veteran Affairs and Child Dental Benefits Scheme.

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